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Al Ikhlas For Plastic Indvstries L.L.C

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Al Ikhlas For Plastic Industries L.L.C

Founded in 2013, Al Ikhlas for Plastic Industries, a subsidiary of Al-Matin Group, has emerged as a leading manufacturer of Woven Polypropylene (Raffia) Bags and Rolls in the Middle East.
Established in 1976, Al-Matin Group has a strong regional presence with nine factories across the Middle East.
This includes two major production facilities: one strategically located in Alexandria, Egypt, and another in Saudi Arabia.
Our high-quality products are widely used for packaging and filling a variety of materials, including cement, animal feed, fertilizers, rice, flour, sugar, granules, and other agricultural products.
Our facilities leverage cutting-edge technology exclusively from European manufacturer Starlinger.
This includes the successful implementation of their innovative AD*STAR® sacks, a pioneering packaging solution within the cement industry.

We currently export our products to numerous European, African, and Middle Eastern countries, including Spain, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Tunis, Algeria, Sudan, and many more.

  Al Ikhlas For Plastic Industries L.L.C holds the best international quality certificates OHSAS 18001 - ISO 9001/2015


Our company employs highly qualified administrators and professional workers who continuously invest in their development. We prioritize training programs focused on internationally recognized standards, including ISO 9001 for quality management systems and ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety.

This commitment to excellence is reflected in our acceptance into the prestigious Chemical Industry Development Program in Egypt, a joint initiative between the Nile Preneurs Initiative and Banque Misr.

This program provides invaluable support for business development, innovation, awareness, and training, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our industry.

مصنع الاخلاص للشكائر المنسوجة

Vision and Mission

Driven by our vision to become the leading woven polypropylene bags and rolls manufacturer in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa, we are committed to achieving excellence and innovation.

We strive to produce the highest quality woven polypropylene bags and rolls at competitive prices, ensuring customer satisfaction through a diverse range of innovative solutions, unwavering commitment to quality, and exceptional after-sales service.

Our goal is to secure the largest market share through a comprehensive approach that prioritizes both product and customer excellence.

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مصنع الاخلاص للشكائر المنسوجة

Block 19 -  Plot 7-8-27-28 Gasoline St.

3rd Industrial Zone , Borg El Arab 

Alexandria , Egypt

مصنع الاخلاص للشكائر المنسوجة
مصنع الاخلاص للشكائر المنسوجة
مصنع الاخلاص للشكائر المنسوجة
مصنع الاخلاص للشكائر المنسوجة
مصنع الاخلاص للشكائر المنسوجة
مصنع الاخلاص للشكائر المنسوجة
مصنع الاخلاص للشكائر المنسوجة


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مصنع الاخلاص للشكائر المنسوجة
مصنع الاخلاص للشكائر المنسوجة
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